Welcome to the Bay of Santa Cruz, a coastal area of the City Council of Oleiros that has a great diversity of environmental and heritage resources of great interest.

The Bay of Santa Cruz is home to several natural environments (rocks and islands, sandy and silt beaches, small rivers,...) influenced by the tides, which allows you to live here a wide variety of living beings and becomes an area of great ecological value.

But in addition to the natural heritage, this enclave on the coast of Oleiros is home to several samples of historical and cultural heritage.

Due to the wealth of resources it possesses, Santa Cruz Bay is one of the most emblematic Biosphere Reserve "Terras Coruñesas y Marina do Mandeo", declared by UNESCO in 2013, and which is integrated the City of ceramists who have always had a strong commitment to the protection of our environment.

Know it and remember that every day the journey may be different from the previous one.

The island, historic and environmental centre of the Ría and Biosphere Reserve

The nature of the island and its surroundings

The history of the island and the bay

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